Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sack Race (practice)

My sister told me about the LSC Fun Day on chat today. Oh how I missed so many events already. I missed the fun day, my father's birthday and of course, the Aguilar cousins tipok-tipok (gathering) at Oro Gardens during the weekend holiday starting Halloween night... Ahh..

Anyway, one particular concept that I really appreciate about the fun day is the fact that my brother and my niece and their classmates and school mates are able to practice, not only their numbers on stage, but also the games that they will be having during the fun day. The photo shows them during the sack race practice..

I was told that Lili fell and cried her heart out... when they reached home, my sister made her practice on their bed using the largest pillow case... that actually built her confidence for the actual fun day...

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