Thursday, November 12, 2009

I hope River likes an Ezy Roller for Christmas

I found this really nice Christmas gift idea of giving my little brother an Ezy Roller for Christmas. Two years ago, I ordered from a friend of our family, four personalized pillowcases for him because he unusually likes them. He likes lightly rubbing on them as he sleeps. Both his hands and his feet. That explains why I gave him that, instead of buying him toys. And Lili also enjoyed the pink nap mat. This Christmas, each of them will be getting an Ezy Roller. Whew.. It took me a while to get that. Imagine, i's 42 days more to go before Christmas and I had to think really fast. Not to mention, put the budget altogether.

But I am okay on my end, except that last night, as we were talking, my sister Sweet and I, River was shouting at the background that he wants a walking doll... Oops.. Did I really hear that right? Or was it Lili? hahaha..
Ezy Roller it is!!!

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