Friday, November 13, 2009


My mother is fond of collecting gold jewelries. She keeps telling us that gold is a very good investment as its value does not depreciate. Instead,its value goes up and up. Perhaps that is the reason that people, despite the threats of being help up or robbed in broad daylight, would still go for gold jewelries and fashion accessories. Ahh, you just can not get the fascination for gold, unless you yourself adorn yourself with it. I think my sister Sweet is following the footsteps of my mother. Although she is not wearing her hr jewelries as often as to flaunt them, she keeps her stash of gold in a safe place all the time.

Anyway, speaking of gold, I have read online, that there are actually gold collectors who do not only buy gold jewelries, but they also buy hold coins to add to their collection. One particular site I saw is where gold coins and gold bullions are sold for collection purposes. I am amazed at this.. How about you?

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