Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Birthday Dinner

Aguilar Family Bonding in Manila never stopped. It went on and on for as long as the Aguilar's from UK stayed in Manila.  Here's another one during Jovic's birthday.. 

And the birthday girl never looked more ravishing than on her natal day.. Many happy returns..

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Making Money Online

There are lots of ways to earn money online. One can go ahead and write reviews for products and services or review a site or two. Some can sell their stuff online, while others make money by simply reading articles and even by exploring a site. Some earn by answering surveys. And some by playing games. Online casino gambling is also one way to do so. sometimes too, people are commissioned to create a page for clients while others simply have to promote products and services online. Well, whatever the process, it's good to know that people can really earn online.. 

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bonding with the Aguilar Cousins

Fresh from their Cagayan de Oro City, Cebu and Bohol tours, The Aguilars from UK: Jovic, King and LJ finally bonded with us here in Manila. We had fun.. 

For this week's food meme, here were the foodies we enjoyed.. 
Hmm.. this is just for the food meme, drinks not included, lol.. kidding.. will post about our bonding moments soon.. For more yummy food trips, keep posted.. Enjoy..  Food Trip Friday and Yummy Sunday

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Would You Play Casino on line?

The ever naughty TJ gave me some heads up on Casino on line.. This guy is really very serious about his game. Crazy and really funny. How many times do I need to tell you little boy, I am not into that.. But well, hmmm.. May I will check that new site out---

River bought himself a new game card.. UNO.. And he bought it really cheap. Well, good for him.. Unfortunately, he has yet to master the game. I wonder if River would be as passionate as my friend TJ is with his game.. Oh well, boys will be boys.. 

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I am so happy that there is now this FIRE FLY TOOTHBRUSH by DR. FRESH that helps my baby brother and niece as they brush their teeth. And best of all, this FIRE FLY TOOTHBRUSH by DR. FRESH is available Exclusively at Watsons and Beauty by SM Department Stores. 

So why does this news make me happy? Well, as the two were growing up, brushing was fun only when we do something like play while brushing together.. But with firefly that lights as they brush, they have fun and the right time to brush also.. 

If I win this contest, I will give my loot to the kids in my neighborhood here in Manila. They may not be able to afford Firefly, so better give them a free loot--- 

If you want more information, LIKE the page of FIRE FLY TOOTHBRUSH by DR. FRESH at Facebook. I did.. 

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Going To Las Vegas..

My friend TJ sent word that he is also leaving for Las Vegas USA. And I am so happy for him for that means he will be reuniting with his family. Now he wont just have to play Online casino usa but visit the great playgrounds in Las Vegas.. So much excitement for him I am sure.. 

As for me, I may also be leaving soon-- Well if God wills it then I shall be pursuing my greatest dream in the country that I also dream to be.. For now, I will just live it up to God's will and live each day at a time.. 

How about you? Do you also have plans of leaving the country? Where and why? Too many questions, but do care to share.. Love to hear from you.. 

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Have A Safe Trip..

My cousin Lara or fondly known as Pinky, will be leaving for Singapore tomorrow to work and to be with other relatives in the Palomo Aguilar Clan.. Bon Voyage dear cousin.. 

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