Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life is a gamble!

Every small decision is a gamble. I made some decisions that demanded great risk. I didn't mind at all. It was all done and it is over. The important thing is there were lessons learned and I have moved on.

I don't really like to gamble, but my uncle once told me that in every little thing i do, I did gamble. Of course the truth behind is, we really don't have the power to see the future. So whether we are just chewing our food or breathe, we are already gambling.

I tried checking Gambling sites, to see how it really feels and how it is when gambling is already in my mind. I even tried to play, but I don't want to waste money to something that I'm really not sure of that I will win. The ironic thing is, I think people gamble to take risk. When just by the thought of doing it, they are already gambling.

Merry Christmas..

Christmas shopping is all about gifts. Of course, with parties here and there, what else would you be buying? If you are a nurse, would you be buying nursing scrubs in this season? I am sure you will forget about scrubs clothing and uniform. Would you be so bold as to pick the Christmas season to pick a new pair of scrub pants? I don't think so. Why would people be thinking about uniforms, especially not nurse uniforms this Christmas? Unless of course, you are attending a themed party where a scrub top or a scrubs pant is the required attire.

Well, if that is the case, I think it is a good idea to buy cheap scrubs rather than those expensive ones. But do you know where to buy cheap scrubs? Do you a scrub clothing that you can order them from? Sure, scrub tops may just be simple looking, but they come in quite a hefty amount. Better make sure that you are getting them from an affordable source, especially those that will be used only once.

As for me, I would look in eBay or search Google for a good find. Who knows?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oldest House in Sg?

We came from Emily Hill on e afternoon and explored the area in Little India.. So far, this is what we found as the oldest house.. Look at it, it even has the year it was built on it.. But is it really the oldest? Uhm.. We'll ask around.. 

Iced Milo

Every time we go out, my sister and I always find people drinking Iced Milo in plastic bags. I find it quite amusing because here in the Philippines, people do not drink Milo that way. Then, when we had a meeting with Sasi at one of the Chinese restos, we ordered Iced Milo.. It was good. Now I know why people are drinking Milo so much in Singapore.. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Tito Noel

I saw the pictures uploaded by my sister tonight where they were at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Well, if I have not had to renew my passport I could have joined them too. It was such a grand excuse to celebrate a birthday, and to be at Singapore for more than a month.. hehehe.. Well, according to my sister, ny uncle used his Premier Advantage card for the said celebration. The suite room as well as the dinner buffet at the Rise.. I am sure it is expensive. The room is $700 plus a night and the dinner is $80 plus, per head. OMG! That was quite a lot of money. I am sure even if I will take on payday loans online, I still will not be able to afford it. There were like twenty people or so for the dinner, family, friends and colleagues of Tito Noel.. But you wanna know a secret? Tito Noel have earned so much points in his Premier Advantage card that he has enough to spend for three to four nights and days at a suite room plus that very dinner. Such points can not be redeemed in any way but to spend it on room charges as well as food. So no need of payday loans online.. Certainly NOT payday loans online....

Well, what a happy birthday really.. And although I am not there, my heart wishes everyone the best, especially the celebrant... Happy Birthday Tito Noel...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Last Meal in Singapore

I have to go back hom eto renew my passport and to attend to some important matters. Hopefully, if I will be able to renew my passport in a few days, I can go with my aunts and parents by December 9.. My tito's birthday.. If not, then it will be in January.. 

I left Singapore on my birthday, December 3rd.. Today. And this is what I had for my last meal in Singapore..

Yummy.. It's my birthday, so it's gotta be a "long-life meal".. Happy birthday to me, and goodbye Singapore.. See you in January.. 
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