Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Tito Noel

I saw the pictures uploaded by my sister tonight where they were at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Well, if I have not had to renew my passport I could have joined them too. It was such a grand excuse to celebrate a birthday, and to be at Singapore for more than a month.. hehehe.. Well, according to my sister, ny uncle used his Premier Advantage card for the said celebration. The suite room as well as the dinner buffet at the Rise.. I am sure it is expensive. The room is $700 plus a night and the dinner is $80 plus, per head. OMG! That was quite a lot of money. I am sure even if I will take on payday loans online, I still will not be able to afford it. There were like twenty people or so for the dinner, family, friends and colleagues of Tito Noel.. But you wanna know a secret? Tito Noel have earned so much points in his Premier Advantage card that he has enough to spend for three to four nights and days at a suite room plus that very dinner. Such points can not be redeemed in any way but to spend it on room charges as well as food. So no need of payday loans online.. Certainly NOT payday loans online....

Well, what a happy birthday really.. And although I am not there, my heart wishes everyone the best, especially the celebrant... Happy Birthday Tito Noel...

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