Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good bye Ms. Elizabeth Taylor!

You will never be forgotten...(on my train of thoughts)I thank my professor in English way back in high school, the late Mr. Rafael Cecilio for letting us see classic films or else I would not be able to relate to this sad incident. I love Ms. Taylor for she has been a very good actress. My favorite is her role as Katharina in the film "Taming of Shrew". I was able to memorized her lines because my brilliant professor asked as so. I wish I could write a binisaya/visayan translation for that play so I can relive and be able to share to the new generation that there was once a great actress who did a great and magnificent rendition of Katharina in this film.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Perigee Full Moon Experience

I wasn't able to wake up at 2:00 AM which was said to be the exact time that the perigee full moon will be seen at it's fullest shape and how it will lighten up the whole earth. I woke up at 4:00AM on Sunday. My mother had to wake me up since we were scheduled to go to mass at 5:30AM. But because I was still closing my eyes while trying to get up. I bumped my head to the swing arm wall lamps. Ouch! I said with anger,'s still dawn, I might wake the other people who were still asleep. (Thinking out loud) My mother rushed into the room to tell me to be quite, of course she doesn't want me waking up the neighbors. I told her, it would have been better if we had night lights on or wall sconces located away from the bed to avoid incidents like that. But well, there's a lot of redesigning needed to be done not only with the lights but the whole house itself. Talking to myself while walking towards the bathroom. When I turned the bathroom lighting on, I just realized the biggest full moon that I wanted to witness: The Perigee Full Moon! I hurried up with my bath and changed my clothes as fast as I could. Until the only proof that I can take was the photo above. I even had a hard time taking that photo because it was still dark so I had to consider low light must be applicable to get the natural light of the moon. I know, it's disappointing! I don't have any other chance to take another photo not unless I'm still alive in 2029. Crossing my fingers for that though because I'll be 46 by then. Oh well, good thing I was on the way to church that time. I just prayed for things to be better and did not allowed the disappointments to get me. At the end of that day, I got my hair permed so I can look better and maybe feel even better after some unhealthy occurrences in my physical, mental, emotional and probably spiritual aspect in my life.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nurse: Is it really a White Collar Job?!?

In 2003, I took an entrance exam for a course in Nursing at one of the universities in CDOC. I thought I wanted to become a nurse. But I didn't pursue it. Now looking at a lot of nursing graduates with problems in finding a job at any of the local hospitals in the city. I confirmed to myself, "Good thing, I didn't not pursue it." While browsing online, I see friends in scrubs thinking they have wanted to become a nurse to earn more. My question is how can they earn more if they are still in our country and a lot of them are looking for the same job? Talking about the supply and the demand of nurses and nursing jobs.

Yes, it is a white collar job. Wearing different uniforms and scrubs everyday. Making sure that he or she looks clean or tidy. But will it pay good money? Uh-uhmmmmmm not when you are still in the country. In fact some fresh graduates who are already registered nurses are paying some local hospitals just so they can hooked up. In other words, so they can be enlisted as volunteers and have it listed under their experience as nurses. So it is the volunteers paying the company. Funny but oh so true.

Just recently though, it was reported in the news that the government is planning to give allowances to those nurse volunteers to avoid an issue. Which means, it was confirmed that it is not just locally but a nationwide concern? What is going on?! These people may be wearing those medical lab coats, they may be saving other people's lives and just like everyone else, they deserved to be compensated exactly on how they have exerted their efforts on their jobs.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reminiscing OCPA

I had a chance to work at the Office of Cultural and Public Affairs, Liceo de Cagayan University. I was once the Production Manager, Public Affairs Officer and Cultural Education Officer. Because of the busy schedules and tasks in the office. We had a chance to unwind and feel the breeze in Camiguin Island. The photo above was taken in 2005 after the Lanzones Festival.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Director Peque Gallaga

Meet Director Peque Gallaga. He is one of the best theater directors I have encountered. He has great ideals and vision. Most importantly, he is a very good example of a person who is humble no matter where life takes you. A great director and a great person in deed....More Power to you Sir Peque!

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