Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bonding with the Aguilar Cousins

Fresh from their Cagayan de Oro City, Cebu and Bohol tours, The Aguilars from UK: Jovic, King and LJ finally bonded with us here in Manila. We had fun.. 

For this week's food meme, here were the foodies we enjoyed.. 
Hmm.. this is just for the food meme, drinks not included, lol.. kidding.. will post about our bonding moments soon.. For more yummy food trips, keep posted.. Enjoy..  Food Trip Friday and Yummy Sunday

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♣☆♥Willa♥☆♣ said...

I hope they enjoyed their visit in Manila.

mirage2g said...

Reunions are the best when combined with food and kwentos!!!


Bogie said...

Wow, lots of food in here! and they all look so yummy!

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