Saturday, November 14, 2009


I have a secret dream. I wanted to be part of MTV. I wanted to be a VJ... Such a dream to pursue is painstakingly time consuming, especially now that my focus is more on my job and the future family I will have, so I resolve to support whatever projects MTV will have. That's a better alternative, right?

Anyway, a friend of mine mentioned that his friends are part of the many unsigned artists waiting for the limelight to open for them through the newest platform of MTV. An MTV, Jeepney Music, and Department of Tourism collaboration that will take plight for unsigned artists to be heard and have wings to soar to stardom...

MTV Emerge is the platform I am talking about. It is dedicated for unsigned music talents in the Philippines to showcase their work and be given an opportunity to win a one-year recording contract with Jeepney Music. The aims is not only to hunt for the hottest unsigned music talent from all genres of music (Indie, rock, hip-hop, R&B, metal, solo artists, DJs, etc) but also gather an online music community where new music from the Philippines can be discovered. That's a whole lot more than meets the eye. And I think that is where I come in. See, all the participants from any music genre registers and uploads their profiles, photos and original music on the MTV Emerge site, while their entries will go through a public voting process. A total of seven grand prize winners will be selected from the top entries on November 20 by a panel of judges that includes Black Eyed Peas member,, who, by the way, is the founder of Jeepney Music... The said seven grand prize winners of MTV Emerge will win a one-year recording contract with Jeepney Music and of course, mentorship under And just to point out, the contract that they will win, will include artist management and promotion, digital distribution of 3 – 6 songs and a strategic marketing plan for the signed artists to break into both the Philippines and international markets.
For the unsigned artists that I am voting for, refer to this link.. They sound like international artists. They are called WANDA. And the song is Mr. Rain...

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