Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting The Bag Lady a Personalized Duffle Bag for Christmas

From this photo, I learned from my sister Darling, that my sister Sweet's new name is now "The Bag Lady".. Well, it all started with the photo. She was the one who carried all their bags as they moved back and forth during the practice of Lili's and River's fun day at the Capitol Grounds, and while they were all busy moving about, she was busy sitting down. lol.. So our father told her to take all their bags and be the bag lady for the day..

On another note, my sister Sweet really likes bags. She loves to collect as many bags as she can. She has expensive designer bags as well as the crazy ordinary bags that can be found at the Ukay-ukay shops.. So with this in mind, I am going to give her a
personalized duffle bag to add to her collection. It will double as a laundry bag once she sets out for her Psychia in Davao. Last year I gave her an insulated lunch tote that she still uses during her Nursing duties.. Ahh, the life of a Nursing student. She can definitely use all the bags that she can get, lol...

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