Sunday, January 30, 2011

CAPES Elocution Contest January 28, 2011

Friday of last week, I, along with my sister,  Mommy Dharlz, were invited by Madam Kristine Medrano Lasque, CAPES Secretary to be one of  the judges for the Elocution contest sponsored by CAPES at the International School in Kauswagan, this city. 

My sister declined because she had other things to finish. So it was me and well, having trained students and teachers under CAPES previously, I was excited to see them again after quite some time. I have also met new friends in the persona of my fellow judges.
I was so happy to see lots of student elocutionists. They remind me of the time when it was I, who stood on stage and delivered my piece..  Oh that was along time ago.. Why I am feeling nostalgic is the fact that I have spoken with my grade school teacher who was there to support my Grade School Alma Mater's representative. Unfortunately, the student was not one of the winners.. 

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