Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wanna Be Serious With Blogging

I wanna make blogging a serious business in 2011. My sister has been living off with her blogging income and at first I thought it is not possible but it is. Imagine, she was able to pay rent, tuition and all their needs, just because of blogging. She is able to fully support her daughter and all her needs without the counterpart from her child's father. I know there are many single parents who also blog, and I ma so excited every time I hear that they are earning quite well and are able to go through life with their blogging income.. 

So, I would like to be like them too. I wanna earn through my blogs.. I wish everything will fall in place this 2011. My sister has taught me how, I just need to give more time to this..

1 comment:

nyabach0i said...

denise! how are you? sige nga tell me din how we can earn sa blogging! :) mae nga pala to.

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