Monday, January 24, 2011

impatient passport applicant @ DFA-CDO

I went to the Department of Foreign Affairs at Limketkai today to get my renewed passport; which is the main reason why I came back to Phils. I was with my soon to be father-in-law since he needed assistance for his application as well. I arrived there around 10:30 AM while papa was there an hour early. We met up with my cousin Kuya Exy; who is a cousin of the OIC from his mother side.  The OIC already informed us not to pass the application through the main windows 1-7, since he has been having some difficulties with those at the windows. So, as instructed we immediately proceeded to take the line for picture taking as well as for paying for the fee.

At around 11:40AM, while I was chatting with papa, all of the people inside the government office were shocked with a glass breaking sound. As everybody paused to see what it was. The window 7 glass was already shattered. Well, the usual panic arose and somebody even said if it was a hold-up. But of course some said: "unsa man sab hold-upon" or what would the hold-upers want in DFA? Somebody screamed that the guy has a gun, and because of that screamed. People were rushing thru the door. I, on the other hand was griping on papa's arms and was informed not run. Unfortunately, I was standing on the walkway and because of the crowd, I can't hold on, so I let go. I was with the crowd emerging thru a small door that would only fit 1 to 2 person at a time. I even dropped my bag because of some sort of stampede. As I reached outside, I felt like my soul just got out of my body for a while. I was so nervous that I had to catch my breath. Papa went outside with a grin. He reminded me that he said I shouldn't have run. I couldn't remember, everything was so fast. Papa went inside again to check why it happened. All I can picture at that moment was a guy wearing a hood used his bag and punched the window. Well, what I saw after the breaking sound was the guy with with his hood jacket getting his bag off the shattered window. So, what I picture could be possible.

As papa went out with my cousin. They were talking about what happened and they explained to me that the guy was just another regular applicant. He has been going back and forth to the government agency just to secure a passport. The guy was already told what the list of requirements are from a different window and when he thought he has already secured all. He went back today to continue the process. Unfortunately, He was called to face the most meticulous agent at Window 7, with whom a lot had been complaining about his very strict way on checking with the applicant's supporting documents. The guy was said to be Maranao and in their culture, most of them doesn't have birth certificates nor baptismal certificates to back up their identity so they have to secure a lot of supporting documents that match their true identity. Truly the guy lose his patience and that is why he did what he did, thinking he could get something out of it.

Well, He did get something out of it. He got arrested! The police arrived after 15-20 mins together with the ABSCBN crew. What do we expect? Even the security guard wasn't able to handcuff the suspect since there was none available. Everything was done and over with and for us regular resumes at 1PM.

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