Sunday, June 19, 2011

Payday Loans

Nowadays, since nothing is for free. Everything has a price. And your money is always not enough, I am thinking that life is slapping my face with the reality. Currently, staying at home cannot help at all. Even doing cash advance loans is requiring an individual to have a stable job. My friends in the US are also facing these difficulty. They have papers alright, but life in the States is really remarkably different from ours here in the Phils. Even payday loans in georgia , where my friend used to work; knows how hard it is to be considered since you would be needing to have a credit check. Having good credit rating nowadays is even harder to achieve. Nobody in the US can proclaim that he/she doesn't have a credit. They can't live without it. My friend from another state discussed payday loans in maryland in which a good credit rating is also a requirement.

If people in the US tend to be particular about their credit standing, does it mean that it is the price for being a 1st world country? Does it mean to say as well that if anybody wants to survive financially, one should rely on a credit? What is one doesn't have something to back them up in applying for a credit, would that mean they cannot build a credit at all? Ironic, but here in the Phils. A lot of people may drown in debts but still shows off that at least they can use their credit cards to pay for their everyday needs.

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