Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It all happened at 3AM

This is my story...this is the poem I've written years ago that made me start to think that words do really get into your mind at 3 AM...this is from my archive of poetry...

it all happened @ 3AM.;-)


Whirling around

Turning upside down

Flowing rapidly through this crown

Tarsier eyes glowing in the dark lost in space in the park

The emptiness of the dripping water

Gently surpassable with in the ticking of an hour

With rhythm sounding like the house gecko

Scratching the snore in an echo

Pests doesn’t mind being startled

As long as there are no snakes that will show up and say: "Behold here is an apple"

Is it reigning in my veins? Or mainly the tick tock of this wretched brain

Maybe? This one sided hair is bringing this crown heavy

I don’t know, perhaps the mosquito bites are driving me crazy

The sound so silent? Not quite. It’s just not day because it’s night

My world may not be theirs

Well, I’ve given up such black and white movie..who cares?

So many writings need blossoming moves

Yet this heavy crown is wandering and so it proves

Papers filling up the garbage cellophane

with melancholy for undying pain

Wishes were not obtain, only to find out I am in vain

History declares past, yet haunting memories are vast

Time remaining is definitely short, yet tear doesn’t leave me in this court

Occupying the hard wooden seat, good thing it helps in relaxing my feet

And what am I blabbering about? Mystical emotion that’s been pending and wants to be out

Wines glasses & candle sticks may count my days astray and far from it’s peak

Software mechanics & gastric juices have conquered this world’s cruises

Scattered glasses & guitar strings, glued and twined fit for a king

Shining in the rendezvous, awed me in this kaleidoscopic view

Circling paths of hot cocoa, stirred up and creates a delicious choco

By the pricking of the hands, I just wanna swim in the pan

Purple violets and blue, the bed is calling me curly sue

Annoying sound of things around but my, oh my…it’s 3 AM and what am I doing in this pound?

The lights outside doesn’t want to peek, especially if I’m still awake thinking like a geek

So my dear happy feet, I am off to bed to let my crown imagine dreams so sweet

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