Monday, February 14, 2011

The Valentines 2011

Great day to start the day with a smile is when you receive something from a very special someone. As for me, being with family is already a great gift I treasure. Now that we are all grown ups, just a simple gathering of loved ones is such a big event. My family is the wall of my soul. I lean on them. For financial stability, I look up to my parents as they are very good in handling it. For full support, whether front or back...I have my siblings around. For innocence and never ending questions and dreams and aspirations...I have the little kiddos I can cuddle. But because I have these as gifts, I can't give them anything not even myself to others if I haven't built a strong foundation that will never be shaken. I mean. I want to go out from what I am used to so I be run down but still be standing firm. I want top reach for my dreams without stepping on somebody else's shoe. I want to stand on my own, and give out myself as gift not only to my family but to other people who doesn't even matter to me. To touch a stranger's life without him or her taking the whole of me. I don't see myself being born to just stay behind. I am born to go out there and be a blessing.

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