Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I got this from my email: SHARING THSI HERE...

"Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its trouble,
It empties today of its strength."

Just Beautiful!!

What makes me weak?
My fears.....

What makes me whole?
My God.

What keeps me standing?
My faith.

What makes me compassionate?
My selflessness..

What makes me honest?
My integrity.

What sustains my mind?
My quest for knowledge.

What teaches me all lessons?
My mistakes.

What lift's my head high?
My pride, not arrogance.

What if I can't go on?
Not an option.

What makes me victorious?
My courage to climb.

What makes me competent?
My confidence .

What makes me sensual?
My insatiable essence..

What makes me beautiful?
My everything.

What makes me a woman?
My heart .

Who says I need love?
I do.

What empowers me?
My God & Me.

Who am I?

Keep this going ladies.

Send this to all of the beautiful ladies
in your lives!

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