Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reader, Beware by Donna Tang

"Love." There. Did you flinch?
Blush? Turn your head away?
Did you see the sexual clinch?
Or the ultimate political fray?

Did you see bones, violence, blood?
Or captivity, whips and smarts?
Or sickeningly sweet brotherhood
And cotton-candy hearts?

Did you see a winged fairytale
Too incredible to believe?
Falsity, Lies or something stale
Enough to make your stomach heave?

Medusa lies yet in your way,
But you already are petrified.
An Athena or Venus she may
Prove, but turn your stony gaze aside.

As you like. More than a divine force
Will be needed to change what you think.
And Reader, Beware, I write of Love because
Love is my ink.

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