Tuesday, February 14, 2012

National arts month & Love month in one!;-)

"We shall be warriors in this country, let’s build a nation as one using our weapons of creativity&care…." are just some of the words I remember uttered by Ms. Cecile Reyes Guidote-Alvarez years ago. Such inspiring words that was passionately shared. Indeed, i was amazed and overwhelmed with the fruits of each artists who came and joined the celebration..such a successful event..The culture and the arts in Cagayan de Oro City is now competitive..there are more than 5 group of artists active in sharing their crafts; and the mere fact that by using creativity in inspiring others makes us believe that life is still beautiful even though there are heartaches and gossips; biased decisions and politics; mournings and death. It welcomes the idea that there are lives with in each and one of us. We just need to let go of other things first, in order for us to discover. Not holding on to something by giving it away. Learning and teaching. Loving and compromising. Maybe, that is why they decided to make february the national arts month because it is also the month of Love and Passion. And life without art is limited. Art without passion is undescribable…because it is simply Nothing. As persons we should celebrate our being not only because it is the national arts month or because it is LOVE month…we should celebrate our being everyday…and by doing so, we can celebrate love…we can live life to the fullest…We can be artists and lovers in one…We can, WE CAN!!! -and it will be oh so wonderful!;-)

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