Sunday, May 1, 2011

undescriptive hurt

in your silence i hear the perfect words that compliment the sweetest smiles and adds meaning to the very depth of my humanity. . .in your soulful touch embraces the very core thatgives breath and awakens the passion which is embedded underneath my ocean floor…u hit me in awe, undeniably. . .in your eyes, i don’t just see you…i see others inside twinkling the goodness that your wonderful heart can offer; experiencing being ravelled into the kindness yet pure and oh so true when you marvelled as an epitome of what being human should be…LIVING, LOVING, and LEARNING! That how i supposed to remember him creatively.


truths unfurled like a slap on the face, he was a beauty i long to embrace. . .yet change is constant and the twist of fate, haunting violence that a sister made. . .yes, labels were not discussed, but for two soulful persons there should be TRUST. . .and a woman’s guarantee that she is pretty is never physically nor play with others in trickery. . .

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