Thursday, May 5, 2011

on letting go

this is one of the poems I've written years ago...

This nostalgic feeling of blues

Ain’t the reason or clues

On grasping what is true

Hit me, I can’t breathe

Touch me, I weep

Hush hush . . . I just want to sleep

Underneath the sky

We are one

But still, I feel you are gone

You came and I let you passed by

But what the heck,

That was years ago and can’t be undone

Ages ago, the immaturity stage

Crazy, beer bottles and kisses were fake

Now, we are sensible enough to rake

Tell me; tell me . . . I can’t wait

A year ago, I was broken

But I stood up and knew that I would fall again

Too bad, it didn’t reach the verge of feeling the heartbeat

For this time I think another counterfeit

They said when two people are destined to be together

They will really find each other

I do not wish to let go. . .

But I will. . .

Just let me know!!!

Do not be afraid

But I am. . .

Hush hush


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