Thursday, November 11, 2010

My 2nd week in Singapore

Monday : We went to CMIS to take the exam and do the mock interview. It turn out fine since it was just brief and easy. We had to back to house after we ate at the all Filipino food since we moved out from the condominium in Ceylon Road to the apartment in Woodlands. We fixed our things up and get ourselves adjusted in our new home.

Tuesday: We didn't go out for job hunting instead we called out the numbers on the news papers for job interest, sad to know though that most of them are looking for Singaporeans/PR/Malaysians. We went out for a stroll in the community and we found out that there is a space for exercise sessions where they provide the exercising area for free of use to anyone. We gave it a shot and intended to do it everyday.

Wednesday: We went for an interview at Mindlinks in serangoon, where we took and 30 minutes ride to Bishan and went to the Yellow lane interchange and took the other mrt lane. We asked and Indian how to go there but he didn't provide a clear detail so we asked a Singaporean, she was very friendly and even informed us that we shall go with her instead. When we get there, the interview was just easy but we were asked to pay S$100 for the EPASS to be processed and no assurance that it will be granted. The company will not provide us with basic salary instead it will be commissioned-based. So we instead informed the person-in-charge that we will just come back for it. We explored around serangoon area,we found a catholic church and a crocodile farm which is kinda eerie. We also tried Indian/Malay food at seven stars. Then we went back home because the sky is beginning to be gloomy and it seemed it will rain.

Thursday: We went to Teleperformance in Tae Seng. Took the same Mrt lane dropping off at Bishan and took the yellow lane MRT off to Tae Seng. We just walked from the Exit A to the Natural Cool Lifestyle Hub. The interview was easy as well but they will just be calling short listed applicants. At 2:45PM we had an orientation schedule, it was for the Herbal Life company, we were informed on how to go about our diet and all. It was in Bugis Village so we had the chance as well to go around the vicinity. We tried their food. When we needed to go home, instead of going home to Woodlands, we went to Ceylon Road and we also took a dip in the pool.

Friday: Not quite a busy day, will be going back home to woodlands in a while...

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