Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Blogs Need a Make Over

I had been a blogger for many many months already and I have not even bothered to change my look. Not until this blog got a bad day while doing posts, so I had to change the old theme to this new one, and it has not changed since then. To begin with, I am using this Free template which came from a site that designs Blogger themes as well as wordpress themes. They also offer wordpress web hosting, which I would have wanted to consider, but I didn't quite understand so I simply let the blog free of it. Since I have another blog which really uses wordpress, I could make changes easily in that blog than in this blog, using the many great themes that they offer for free and some, since they are personalized, come with a minimal fee.

I have yet to find the best wordpress themes for that blog of mine. But still, I have yet to find the best theme for this blog and do a make over, lol.. Well, I always love make overs. Speaking of which, a blogger's event will be happening tomorrow and I am supposed to be part of it. Unfortunately, I cannot attend. I have to be at the airport to attend to my beloved's departure as he will be going home for his mom's wake and funeral.. I wish I could go too, but I have work and well, I will be in Cagayan de Oro for my leave anyway, so we may meet halfway..

We just have to accept that there are things in life that we can not control. But when it comes to blogs and themes, we all know that we can control and decide the outcome..  I just wish I am knowledgeable enough so I can do the html  tweaking myself. Oh well, gotta learn them as fast as I can..

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