Monday, October 11, 2010

the mournings...

I just arrived from NAIA terminal 3 where I accompanied Kent and Ira to catch the plane for CDO. Though it is too late for them to see Mama Philind in person but the thought that Kent's promise to come home to visit her is accomplished. It is sad though that instead of a visiting somebody alive and breathing, they were just visiting somebody cold. For Kent I understand it is really hard to lose a mother to whom he is very attached with considering that he is a certified mama's boy. For Ira, it is sad as well since at a very young age of 1 year old, she can't remember any of these. Another sad thing is she couldn't witness his son's wedding in flesh. With this incident we have to move the wedding after a year of mourning. I pray that God will open His arms in welcoming Mama Philind and that she will be an added angel to look upon us and guide us always.

Rest in peace Mama Philind!

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