Saturday, May 29, 2010

I made it to the auditions...UP here I come!

I came back to Manila from my hometown after the elections, where in it was very time consuming and caused my stress during my 2 weeks vaction mode. I just made sure I will arrive on time for the auditions to enrol for the Certificate program in Thatre Arts in The University of the Philippines. Afterall, all the time and effort going back and forth to UP should pay off.  Auditions was scheduled on May 17, 2010 at exactly, 9:30 AM. However, since I thought it was a whole day audition as what I was informed about, I went to UP, Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts around 10:00 AM. Good thing I came the soonest possible I can because the panel were just waiting for two of us applicants to wrap up. I was really nervous thinking I had to perform a song from a musical that I haven't practiced on, a movement piece which I am not very good at, and a monologue that was assigned to us and the bad thing was i lost my copy because i got that copy way back April yet. Though bad things may result to my clumsiness and negligence to knight and outstanding dancer was with me to support and back me up if the result were to be given out after the audition process.

Tick-tock-tick-tock not quite the sound i was thinking yet 10 minutes after I came out from Teatro Ylagan. It was a mixture of confidence and awkward feelings inside. I never gave it a thought that I'm not gonna get it because if the panel will not have me for performance, I can always do theatre management or technical theatre. I prayed to God for Him to give me this dream to come true; to a point that i even told God, I was never selfish with the talent that He gave, all I wanted was to develop it more to have an edge against other local artist in my hometown so I can share more to them and to the community as well. My passion for theatre arts will not end on that day though because two days later of restless sleep, I saw my name on the posted result. Huh! coming from a deep breath, I wanted to shout and celebrate...and until today, I am still not giving up with the process Im going thru to earn this. Work at the same time study at UP will be a blast and I am ready for the great adventure!

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