Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hurrah, I Won A New Domain..

The other day, my sister told us that Mommy Ruby is giving away domains for free, so through YM she gave us the link of Mommy Ruby's post so we can comment as fast as we could because it is first comment wins.  Farmville had to stop and give way for this, lol.. Lucky for  my cousin and I, we got our chosen domains. At last, our first domains we got for free. 

Congratulations to us.. for Mommy Ruby's FREE domain:

  • COLORKIDSUNLIMITED.INFO – My cousin, Neonila
  • MIXEDTHOUGHTS.INFO – Crayons ad Pencil

My sister would have gotten a domain too but there was a tie. Anyway, she has more than 5 domains already and she says it's high time that we should also get one for ourselves.

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