Tuesday, January 20, 2009


While here in Manila, I am planning to enroll in some course related to THEATER---my first love. I am opting to enroll at the UP Open University but I still have to make inquiries yet. At least this will be an added credential for me as it will also enhance what I already know in the field of theater. Frankly, there is yet so much to learn, and I am open to all learning possibilities.

While I am busy with work, I also would like to experience theater here...well, what do you think?


amiable amy said...

go for it girl, so, i thought you will going abroad for that scholarship? what's the update?

Cookie said...

Hey, good luck on your plans. may you achieve your greatest endeavor in life. God bless!

amiable amy said...

check out the tag and just post it anytime

Sugar said...

hi hon! it's nice to hear from you. and i wish you all the best in your endeavors! =)

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