Tuesday, July 5, 2011

poetry on 062411...because I cannot sleep!huhu

How do I slumber into the good night?
A dash of trouble awakens me.

Is it because of the gut feel that seeks for my trust?
Is it my heartbeat that's knocking for me to hear it out?
Or is it my nasty brain ticking the tock begging and asking me to see reality?

Whichever dimensions I cannot fathom.
For the future untold lies in my very own grasp.

An innocent smile may be shattered if I allow this treachery to overrule.
Counsel, I seek, but from from whom shall I speak? For now, this strong feeling is making me drool for negative vibrations. Even after every prayer, reality bites I swear!

I want to reach slumber land. But how would that possible if one creature is distracting my poetic journey making me disabled?

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