Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank you FACEBOOK! FRIENDSTER will no longer be an online social network! (sighed)

In this modern era. A huge percentage of human beings have been involve in online social networking. They said it is the easiest, fastest and most practical way of searching long lost friends. Easiest because it is accessible to any gadgets that has internet on. Fastest because we are talking of a global system of interconnected computer networks. Practical because we don't need to spend a lot of money just to be connected with others. And guess what? because of these social networking sites, online reunions have been common nowadays. However, due to competition one of the social networking sites which is FRIENDSTER is gonna have a new image come May 31st. Such a sad story to tell and I think I need to overnight tramadol for the headache its causing. It pains me not only because of the site changes but because it was on the news that these changes will cause my photos, blogs, comments to be deleted FOREVER!huhuhu Well, while I'm online now; and I am already checking out the site on how I can go about this. On the side I'm also searching as well where to buy tramadol online . I can't bear it. This headache might be severed to migraine because of this friendster stuff. Imagine, I have been a member of this social networking site for 7 years now. And after 7 long years, it's gonna vanish all the memories and hard work I've done improving my honeybunch8 site.

Looking at the bright side though, We can be able to use the friendster exporter where we can export the photos to flicker or multiply. We can also save our profile to our computer. Which would be eating up a lot of space. It is so funny because even the person-in-charge of the said networking site confirmed on national television that it is a FACEBOOK world. That is why they are changing their site instead to games, application etc. We wouldn't lose our account though--meaning, we can still log on to friendster (though right now I'm already having a hard time logging and its making my headache worst!huhuhu). Thanks to tramadol online I can be able to get a relief for this pain hopefully soooooooon.

I suggest to all those who are friendster avid or anybody who treasures your friendster profile. Make a multiply account if you don't have one. Download the friendster exporter and export your blogs and photos. I'm sure those are the things you don't want to be deleted by the administrator. The second option is to save your friendster profile in your personal computer, laptap, external hard disk or wherever you may have extra  space and I mean extra big space specially if you've been updating your account for nine years now.

As for my train of thought...TSK! TsK! TSk! I'm really down when I heard the news. Come to think of it, if there is recession in the this one example of the effects? Or would this be part of the cause? I park with that question. I still need more time to bid farewell to my friendster account. huhuhu

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