Monday, July 19, 2010

A Tale of Caution from AXA Home Insurance

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What would be the first thing you should do if you discover some water damage in your home? Would you call 911? Would you call fire emergency or any other government authority? Surely there must be someone who you should call to help.

A lot of people panic when they meet unfortunate circumstances. And because they panicked, they forget what's most essential. In this case, their home and the priced possessions in it. There had been many instances when there's fire that instead of picking up the baby, the mom who panicked picked up the dog, but left the baby to die in the burning house. So the questions above poses a tremendous alert for people who have a tendency to be panicky. So who should you call during emergency? 

So many will give you answers that may not be the right answer at all. Or it may be, but not the right order of things.. If you have AXA Home Insurance, they will advice you prior to sign up that you should contact them first, if and when home disasters happen. That is to help facilitate your claims earlier and fast, right when you need it.. 

Hopefully this will never happen to you!

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