Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How do you gamble?

I've been through some up and some down. Both seemed different because of the emotions you'll get out of it. However sad or happy, the important thing is how you rose up from falling and how you are still on the ground from being up there. How do I gamble? The lessons I get from most of my decisions. For I always believe that there are no mistakes, only lessons. It is a matter of how you carried yourself from what the result of your action is.

Casino gambling is almost the same as how you face the day to day challenges. So long as your hopes are up, no giving up. But sometimes, I wait for signs so that I know if I need to stop and move on. If I win, good. I f I lose, good as well since I can be able to find other ways to recreate and succeed again. So, how do you gamble?

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